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Our Results is committed to reducing the victimization of children online. In addition to receiving and processing reports from the public and child sexual abuse material that is detected through Project Arachnid, the tipline also provides education resources to help keep children of all ages safe online.

Public Reporting:

  • 384,000+
  • 18+ million education and prevention resources distributed across Canada
  • Educational page views: 27+ million
  • Reports forwarded to a Canadian law enforcement agency or child welfare: 26,400+
  • reports actioned internationally: 130,200+
  • 11,300+ reports about luring/grooming
  • 3,100+ reports about sextortion
  • 4,800+ reports about intimate images

Project Arachnid:

  • 157+ billion images processed
  • 19+ million notices sent to providers
  • 1,000+ providers spanning nearly 100 countries received notices

Each month, processes 2,500+ reports.*

* Excluding activities related to Project Arachnid

Reports From the Public Processed in 2021

Volume of reports processed by

(For the year 2021)

Total Reports Processed

Excludes all Project Arachnid reports processed by

Volume of reports processed by for 2021 should not be compared to previous years as changes to the online public reporting form was modified to allow for multiple reports to be filed under a single submission.

Jurisdiction of origin, report to

(For the year 2021)

Jurisdiction Reports
Territories 12
PE 23
NB 177
NL 262
SK 341
MB 814
NS 1,240
BC 1,249
AB 1,347
QC 1,368
Unknown 1,980
ON 5,785
International 6,194

"International" includes but is not limited to reports from individuals outside of Canada concerned about the sexual exploitation of a child as well as reports of websites hosted in Canada from non-Canadian cybertip organizations.

Reports by incident type

(For the year 2021)

Incident Type Report
Child Sex Tourism 30
Child Prostitution 81
Agreement or Arrangement with another Person to Commit a Sexual Offence Against a Child 86
Child Trafficking 96
Making Sexually Explicit Material Available to a Child 165
Harmful to Children 323
Luring 893
Non-Consensual Distribution of Intimate Images (of an individual under 18 years of age) 1,380
Child Pornography 17,738

Of the victims reported to, 64% were female and 26% were male; the gender for 10% was unknown.

Reports forwarded to Canadian police/child welfare agencies

(For the year 2021)

Province Forwarded
NT 1
NU 1
YT 4
PE 6
NL 15
NB 28
NS 38
SK 44
MB 134
AB 199
BC 225
QC 269
ON 554

Reports are sent to the RCMP's National Child Exploitation Crime Centre ( NCECC ) when triage shows victim/person of interest resides outside of Canada.

Statistics as of October 1, 2022

2020 results