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Child Sexual Abuse

Child sexual abuse is a serious problem within our society and occurs more frequently than people realize.

Child sexual abuse includes a wide range of behaviours and situations — offences can range from one‑time occurrences to multiple experiences; from one offender to multiple offenders; with or without the use of violence. Offences can also vary from non-contact sexual offences, such as voyeurism or exposing a child to pornography, to hands‑on sexual offences.

To learn more about the prevalence of child sexual abuse, how it happens, disclosure, and how to reduce risk, visit the Canadian Centre for Child Protection (C3P), which operates

  • Child Sexual Abuse Material

    C3P is working at a global scale to significantly reduce the availability of child sexual abuse material, and harmful and abusive images of children.

  • Project Arachnid

    Project Arachnid is an automated web crawler and platform to help reduce the online availability of child sexual abuse material around the world.

  • Support for Survivors

    C3P supports survivors of child sexual abuse whose abuse was recorded and, in many cases, distributed online through specialized resources, advocacy, and research in order to find solutions to what is a growing, global issue.

  • Online Grooming

    It’s the first step towards child sexual abuse, and it’s a behaviour that needs to be interrupted.

  • Duty to Report

    Why it is important to report and how to do it in your province/territory.