Non-consensual Distribution of an Intimate Image – Details

We are asking the following information to assist in determining if the picture/video may meet the criteria set out in one or more sections of the Criminal Code of Canada.

Are you the person in the intimate picture/video?
Do you know the person in the picture/video?

If you do not know the person in the image, we suggest you submit the report under the category of child pornography. Would you like to change your selection?

Yes, I would like to change my selection No, I would not like to change my selection

Is your face (or the face of the youth) visible in the picture/video?
Has the picture/video been posted online?
Has the picture/video been shared by others through texting, messaging apps or email?
Are you (or the youth) concerned that the picture/video may be shared?
Is the person who posted or shared the picture/video someone you (or the youth or the youth's friends) know in person?
Do you know the age of the person who is sharing the picture/video?
Is anyone else in possession of the picture/video?
Are you (or the youth) being threatened or harassed by anyone in regard to the intimate picture/video?

(e.g. 06:30 PM)

If you would like to receive additional information about the steps you can take, or if you are willing to be contacted by the Canadian Centre or police about this report, please include your email address or other contact information below.

Please note that once we have processed a report, all information connected to it may be forwarded to law enforcement and/or child welfare for review and investigation. Refer to our Privacy Policy for more details about how we handle report information.